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DIRECTOR: Lorene Scafaria (seeking a friend for the end of the world, the meddler)
starring: jennifer lopez, constance wu, keki palmer, and lili reinhart


REVIEWER: emily carter

Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.

Hustlers is a whole lot of flash and a dash of heartbreak brought to you by a hard-working group of ladies turning the Wall-Street-hustlers into the Wall-Street-hustled.


Destiny (Constance Wu) is new to the club and struggling to earn the money she needs to support her grandma. Then she has a fateful meeting with the club's star Ramona (JLo) - a stripper showered with bills every night. Ramona takes Destiny under her wing and shows her the tricks of the trade, and soon stripping changes Destiny's life. There's cash to burn, shoes to buy and an extremely happy grandma at home. 


And then comes 2008 and the financial crisis. When Wall Street falls, so does the strip club. And so the hustle begins. Ramona, Destiny and their crew take their service to the customer, and we watch the tables turn.


JLo is Hustlers' hero (as we knew she would be), and her impressive pole dancing along with her acting chops carry this film to the end. She's warm, she's clever, she's protective and she's one badass businesswoman. 


The hunters become the hunted and you're taken through the emotional turmoil of shifting victims and impossible situations. Let's remember this is based on a true story, and the article that broke it is woven throughout.


Cardi B and Lizzo make some great cameos and there's a nice dose of comedy too (Lili Reinhart deserves a special mention here). Constance Wu does a pretty OK job as second fiddle, if slightly forgettable, but JLo is as sparkly as ever.


Keep your eyes peeled for some really cool edit moments, a superb soundtrack and an intriguing storyline.


While a little bombastic, Hustlers has enough intrigue and JLo to keep you stuck to your chair.

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