ideal home

DIRECTOR: andrew fleming (nancy drew, hamlet 2)
STARRING: paul rudd, steve coogan, jake gore, and jake mcdorman  

REVIEWER: kate bennett


Paul and Erasmus are a bickering couple with an extravagant life. But when Bill, the grandson Erasmus never knew he had, shows up at their dinner party with nowhere else to go, the couple reluctantly decide to take him in.

Ideal Home is about the struggle of raising a kid who has had no stability in life. Combine this with being thrown into an environment with no structure, with two people dealing with their own dysfunction.  Just like real life. Within the first few minutes of the film you experience the laugh out loud humour and the moving emotion underlying it, setting you up perfectly for the rest of the film. 


In Santa Fe's vast, dry desert landscape there's the flair and grandeur that is Erasmus and Paul, and their dinner parties. 


Paul Rudd plays the rugged, funny, life partner of Erasmus.  I didn't know what to expect with this character being played by Paul Rudd, as it felt like quite a different role for him. But Rudd plays the role strongly and convincingly, as a man that gives so much and gets so little in return.  


Steve Coogan does an excellent portrayal of a man in his later years, and although successful, he continually wants to embrace his inner child.  


The movie was delivered to the audience with wit, sarcasm and eloquent dialogue. Although hitting some of the hard issues, it wraps it up in humour without taking away from the raw emotion - making it a compeling watch.


Ideal Home has everything - a winning cast, a compelling story, and laugh out loud moments to boot. 


ideal home.jpeg

Ideal Home is available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital from all good disc and digital retailers.