may the 4th be with you  |  star wars day

Not sure how to celebrate Star Wars Day? Never fear Movie Army has the ultimate guide to help you join in commemorating these beloved characters and wonderful tales in a galaxy far, far away.

Enjoy Star Wars May the 4th be With You Day you will!

1. Forget all of your lunch plans. Fill in this application form and find a judge or Justice of the Peace and change your name to Luke Skywalker. 

2. Put your hair up in double buns and get your sass on like our favourite princess. 

3. If you're hungry get a bundle of kindling, some matches, a long poll and a porg and roast...I can't believe anyone would suggest such a thing. Look at that face. How could you?

4. Grab your favourite lightsabre, chuck on your cloak, and head into work. Your boss will be sweet with it - Star Wars Day is an official celebration and its casual Friday anyway. 

5. Whenever you're asked a question like, "Greg, why didn't you refill the photocopier paper when you were the last to use it?" or "Martin can you take the garbage out?" answer it with a Wookie roar. 

6. If something at home or around the office doesn't work just force it. 
*ba dum tss*

7. When staff meeting has adjourned and the work mates have scurried away, say "The Sand People are easily startled, but they will soon be back, and in greater numbers."

Then wonder why you're all alone in the conference room.

8. When you arrive home from work, greet your partner with a well timed, "Chewie we're home". Everyone loves being called Chewie.

9. Like Yoda all day talk. Annoy people you will not. 

10. After work grab a group of mates, make some blue milk and other Star Wars snacks, and sit down and watch all eight Star Wars movies. The best way to commemorate Star Wars Day.

May the force be with you - always.

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