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my spy

DIRECTOR: peter segal (50 first dates, get smart)
STARRING: dave bautista, chloe coleman, Parisa Fitz-Henley and kristen schaal


REVIEWER: lyall carter

A hardened CIA operative finds himself at the mercy of a precocious 9-year-old girl, having been sent undercover to surveil her family.

In the world of franchises and superheroes it's pretty difficult to find a good old buddy cop comedy. A studio staple during the 90's these kinda movies, actually shown in cinemas instead of streaming, is a rear occurrence. And not only is My Spy a great nights entertainment because it's one of the few buddy cop movies out there, its a great movie because it knows exactly what kind of film it is. A not taking itself too serious action packed, sweet, gut holding hilarious night out.


JJ, a hardened CIA operative, has been demoted and finds himself at the mercy of a precocious 9-year-old girl, named Sophie (Chloe Coleman) where he has been sent undercover begrudgingly to surveil her family. When Sophie discovers hidden cameras in her apartment she uses her tech savviness to locate where the surveillance operation is set. In exchange for not blowing JJ's cover Sophie convinces him to spend time with her and teach her to be a spy. Despite his reluctance JJ finds he is no match for Sophie's disarming charm and wit. 


Coming hot off the heels of the underrated comedic gold of Stuber, Dave Bautista is back in comedy mode with My Spy. The story is a run of the mill action spy buddy comedy - nothing really new or of note here. But that doesn’t matter. My Spy is a story told well which draws you into its plot and thoroughly entertains you throughout. 


My Spy is a pleasant, fresh breath of air with a Kindergarten Cop kinda vibe. First things first: Stuber was not a fluke - Dave Bautista is hilarious. In fact the movie was a riot from start to finish with everything from saving a pigeon to seeing it being taken by a falcon to little inside jokes and Bautista getting teased about steroid use. 


My Spy will have you laughing all the way home. Chloe Coleman who plays the young girl Sophie is a revelation, punching well above her acting weight. It’s great to see Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchord’s Mel) as Bautista’s partner Bobbi and Ken Jeong as their boss as they add their own comedic flair to proceedings. 


For a light hearted, hilarious and action packed Friday night out you cannot go past My Spy

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