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REVIEWER: lyall carter

Follows Navalny who survived an assassination attempt by poisoning with a lethal nerve agent in August 2020.

As he recuperates in Germany with his family, Navalny seeks to uncover the truth behind the plot to silence him, with the help of Bellingcat journalist Christo Grozev. Documentarian Daniel Roher films the charismatic and handsome Russian, by turns charming and forceful, as he uncovers shocking facts and exposes them to the world. Don’t miss this unique and highly pertinent documentary.


Navalny serves multiple purposes as a documentary. For those who are uninitiated in the world of Russian politics it gives a brief and succinct background of Navalny and his struggle against the many ploys and plots of Putin. As well as background, Navalny documents its subjects return to Russia after months of recuperation in Germany. 


But the most stunning, startling and genuinely jaw dropping part of the documentary is when Navalny calls one of the men who tried to assassinate him and the suspect sings like a canary, confessing nearly everything. If you didn’t know this was a documentary, real life playing out in front of you, it’d be fair to assume that this was indeed a far-fetched Hollywood spy thriller. But it’s not fiction at all. Mind blowing.


But Navalny is more than just a shocking revelation of the confession of Navalny’s would-be assassin. It's a living portrait of Navalny himself; the lack of his consideration for his own safety, his love of Call of Duty, and his brilliantly witty and dry sense of humour. It also doesn't shy away from asking the big questions that have dogged much of his public life.


One of the best films of the year. Has to be seen to be believed.


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