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from the vine

From the Vine is a cheery and charming tale of Italian vineyard bliss that might just be the cinematic drop that you need.


ottolenghi and the cakes of versailles

Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles is a sumptuous cinematic journey for the mind, soul and the taste buds that you really need to take.

the dry.jpg

the dry

With all the enrapturing dark corners and questions of a novel, this modern whodunnit has a plot to sink into alongside a dusty setting that's an unpredictable character in itself. Remember just why you love a good mystery and watch The Dry as soon as you can.


wonder woman 1984

WW84 is the spoonful of sugar we need at the end of this crazy year, fantastic blockbuster fun.



Nomadland is a cinematic wonder to behold that not only deftly takes a wide variety of issues from consumerism to grief by the scruff of the neck, but brings humanity to the 'forgotten' people of our world.


the croods: a new age

The Croods: A New Age is a big, fun, colour filled, animated family blockbuster that will thrill you, make you laugh and shed a couple of tears too.

sylvies love.jpg

sylvie's love

Brimming with romance and filled with sumptuous production design, Sylvie’s Love is a love story that is rarely told in its sweetest but also the people who inhabit it.


the painter and the thief

 The Painter and the Thief is the epitome of outstanding documentary filmmaking as it beautifully reveals its two subjects in all of their stunning rawness. 



While it doesn’t quite pack the emotional gut punch of other Pixar fare, Soul is a joyous adventure brimming with stunning, revolutionary animation and poses existential questions that we need to ask.


the witches

It’s good to be bad and Hathaway makes it look great, The Witches is sure to thrill.



While Amundsen is an intriguing exploration of the man and his achievements, at times it feels that it spreads itself a little thin.



Safety is a breezy, inspirational tale about the bond that can exist between brothers and the power of community.


happiest season

Happiest Season has a stunning ensemble cast with one of the most honest, and as a result, Christmassy films out there.

Godmothered Disney Plus-thumb-700xauto-2


Godmothered is one of the best Christmas movies in recent memory filled with oodles of Christmas spirit, laugh out loud moments and a much needed reminder of what a real happily ever after looks like.


paper champions

Paper Champions is a breezy, sweet, entertaining film with moments of great hilarity.

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