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ocean's 11

DIRECTOR: steven soderberg (erin brockovich, traffic)
STARRING: george clooney, brad pitt, matt damon, and julia roberts


REVIEWER: lyall carter


Following his release from prison, Danny Ocean recruits sets out to recruit a team of highly skilled con artists to simultaneously robbing three Las Vegas casinos.

Hot off the heels of winning best director at the 2001 Academy Awards for the gritty, hard hitting Traffic (and also nominated for Erin Brockovich), Steven Soderberg decided to go down a completely different cinematic avenue with Oceans 11.

A remake of the 1960 classic which starred the infamous Rat Pack, Oceans 11 follows a similar premise: a group of con artists set out to rob some of the richest casinos in Las Vegas. 


The story rattles along at a great pace, filled with twists turns and then some. Because of the high tech security system surrounding the casinos they are attempting to rob, the audience is left on tenter hooks wondering just how this team of crooks can possibly pull off this robbery. But Danny Ocean and his crew do not disappoint as each twist of the tale unravels the audience marvels at just how very clever Mr. Ocean has been.

The cast is one that any director could only dream of from George to Brad and everyone in between; they are all on top form. The only character that is a little off is Don Cheadle's Basher Tarr as he fails miserably to pull off his characters Cockney accent. 

Overall Oceans 11 is a fun ride that has aged well despite being nearly twenty years old except the data on the security and computer screens. 

With great twists and an even greater all star cast, Oceans 11 will completely steal your attention.


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