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perry mason (complete movie collection) 

starring: raymond burr and guests


REVIEWER: lyall carter


TV film series following the cases of Los Angeles defense attorney Perry Mason.

Raymond Burr's Perry Mason is to US TV what David Suchet's Poirot is to British TV. Perry Mason original ran as a television series from 1957 to 1966 starring the wonderous Raymond Burr as defence attorney Perry Mason. In 1985 the series was 'resurrected' through TV films that spanned 26 films and ran from 1985 to Burr's death in 1993. For the first time all these 26 films are together in one collection. 

After a long and fulfilling career, Perry Mason, the famed defense attorney known for his ability to prove his client’s innocence through deduction and keen intellect, has traded his briefcase for a gavel and now serves as an appellate court judge. After his former secretary Della Street is framed for murder, Mason resigns his position as a judge to defend her. 

The stories across the 26 films are compelling mysteries, if not a little dated with the camera angles, score, and style of acting. But this is Raymond Burr's show just as Poirot was Suchet's. His presence radiates from the screen and complete captivates your attention. 

A classic TV series anchored by a commanding performance by the one and only Raymond Burr. 


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Perry Mason (Complete Movie Collection) is available on DVD from all good retailers. 

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