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DIRECTOR: anthony palmer and david fairhead (debut)
documentary narrated by charles dance


REVIEWER: lyall carter


World War II documentary of the fighter plane and pilots that helped win the Battle of Britain.

One of the many wondrous things about film making, in particular documentary film making, is that it helps to preserve the past, caught in time, for the generations that lie ahead.  As well as being a cracking and at times emotive tale, Spitfire records the history of one of the most iconic planes of the 21st Century and the grand part it played in the Battle of Britain. 

Spitfire begins at the genesis of the planes creation as an award winning racing sea plane designed by R J Mitchell whose story is told through 1942's bio pic of his life, The First of the Few, who passed away without seeing the Spitfire reach its true potential. 

There are interviews not only with the men who piloted the Spitfires during the Battle of Britain and in the skies of Malta, but with the only living witness of the Spitfires first flight, and the unsung women of the Air Transport Auxiliary who helped ferry the planes between airfields during the war. Spitfire is held together wonderfully by Charles Dance's terrific narration. 

Spitfire is particularly moving during the interviews with the former fighter pilots as they reminisce about fallen comrades, the futility of war, and their hopes for world peace.  

As well as preserving history, Spitfire is a cracking documentary that explores one of the most iconic planes of the 21st century from its initial design to the strategic part it played in the Battle of Britain.


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