Star wars: The last Jedi steelbook

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Steelbook Blu-ray is a simple, but beautiful collectable for any movie fan. The metallic front cover has an exclusive depiction of Rey, accompanied by C3PO and BB8, lightsaber held aloft, ready to defend the Resistance. A small, embossed Star Wars: The Last Jedi logo completes the picture.


Kylo Ren looms large on the back of the case, lightsaber in hand, ready to strike. An action shot of the climactic battle on Crait runs across the whole length of the inside cover. Grab yourself a copy here before they all sell out!


The two best special features on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi bonus disc is The Director and the Jedi and Andy Serkis Live!


The Director and the Jedi


The Director and the Jedi is a feature length documentary that explores director Rian Johnson’s journey from the first initial steps of making The Last Jedi to the very last day of shooting. Its intriguing to watch Johnson’s initial deep conviction at the beginning of the film making process on the new, fresh direction he was taking Star Wars and watching him wrestle with his doubts on that direction throughout the process. It wouldn’t have helped that Mark Hamill was dead against what Johnson had planned for Luke either.


Its also wonderful to see the set building, the costume fitting and making, all the different creature effects being designed and then created, and the ingenuity of the film crew as they battle against the weather, time restraints, and things just not going to plan.  


Andy Serkis Live!


It is so easy to forget that beneath the large majority of CGI characters or creatures lies a human being. In Andy Serkis Live! we get the privilege to go behind the CGI mask and see Andy Serkis, a true master of his craft, at work. At times you feel sad that we, the audience, miss the wonderful performance of Serkis in the flesh but it is a joy that we get a small glimpse of his genius up close and personal.

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