top ten british films
10.  wallace and gromit: The curse of the were-rabbit (2005)
9.  zulu (1964)

The spirit of the Blitz, village fetes, pork pies, the Beatles, the stiff upper lip, cockney rhyming slang - all of this and much more make up British culture. 


We reckon that if alien invaders wanted to discover more about the British way of life then these ten films would be a good place to start.  


An utter delight from start to finish Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is not only unmistakably British from Wallace's knitted cardigan to the vegetable competition and everything in between, it also displays Aardman's exquisite stop motion animation which is cinematic artistry of the highest calibre. 

8.  the full monty (1997)

Far from just being a hilarious comedy following the tale of six unemployed men who form a male striptease act, The Full Monty gives the audience a glimpse into the culture, attitude, and humour of the British working class. The awkwardness that accompanies these mostly straight laced British blokes as they start to learn to strip   An uplifting, side splitting, British classic. 


A perfect example of the British stiff upper lip, remaining resolute in the face of overwhelming odds, a British regiment of 150 hold off a force of 4,000 Zulu warriors.  Filled with action and a stirring rendition of Men of Harlech that never fails to give one goosebumps. 


7.  billy elliot (2000)

A glimpse into one of the most painful periods of modern British history: the 1984 miner's strike and a young boy, his father, and his brother attempting to find their place in an rapidly changing world. But Billy Elliot doesn't leave you in despair, with the audience completely rooting for Billy as he puts down the gloves and ties up his ballet shoes. Outstanding performances from Jamie Bell and Julie Walters and and a blast of 80' s classic tunes makes this a must see. 

6.  chariots of fire (1981)
5.  lock, stock, and two smoking barrels (1998)


A undeniably powerful film that follows the fortunes of two runners: a religious Scottish missionary and a Cambridge University student driven to make his mark on the sporting world. With the slow motion running down the beach at the films opening (one of the most iconic scenes in movie history), accompanied by the classic Vangelis score, Chariots of Fire is a bona fide British classic.


A rip roaring ride of a crime capper with a multitude of plot strands that are gradually unfurled throughout the film, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is a fun filled if not violent ride. Packed with likeable rogues and bizarre characters, ripping dialogue, and humour that is sometimes so dark you have to check yourself while laughing all washed down with a cockney accent. 


4.  shaun of the dead (2004)
3.  monty python and the holy grail (1975)

Who said that comedy and horror can't work? Shaun of the Dead follows Shaun, an average bloke who is an average bloke who has just been dumped, works in a dead end job, and is oblivious to the zombie apocalypse that is happening all around him. Completely original and laugh the house down funny with the confrontation between Shaun, his mate Ed, and a couple of zombies one of the funniest scenes in the film. 


2.  the italian job (1969)

Charlie Croker is the epitome of cool. The dapper, suave, smooth talking criminal plans the ultimate heist: to steal four million dollars in the Italian city of Turin. The Italian Job is unadulterated fun from beginning to end. With a star turn from Michael Caine, the Mini's thundering through the Turin sewers, an ingenious plot that ties perfectly together at the end, and the immortal line ""You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" The Italian Job is pure British cinematic gold. 

You can't get more British than Monty Python and King Arthur. So what could possibly better than both of the together? Nothing at all. Not only is Monty Python and the Holy Grail a classic British film it is hands down one of the funniest comedic films of all time. From the knight rapidly losing limbs declaring that "It's just a flesh wound" to the absurdity of the villagers trying to burn a 'witch', Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a must watch. 

1.  the battle of britain (1969)

The Battle of Britain tells the tale of arguably the most pivotal moment in British history: the all out aerial battle of 15 September 1940, the turning point of the WW2. This is the kind of movie that makes you leap out of your seat and punch the air in triumph. Against overwhelming odds, the Royal Airforce pushes back the Luftwafte and wins the day. You cannot get more British than that. 


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