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the face behind the mask

director: Robert Florey (four star playhouse)

starring: peter lorre, don beddoe, evelyn keyes and george e. stone

REVIEWER: lyall carter


A disfigured watch-maker with a grudge against society embarks on a life of crime.

Nick Barclay is assaulted on the night he is to elope from a masked ball with June Slade by a masked man who takes his place, also taking the shield of Kahm which immediately puts Nick under suspicion for theft.


Although coming in at a relatively short running time of not quite an hour and a half, The Man Behind the Mask for the most part is a fast moving and entertaining thriller with dialogue that feels fresh for a film made over seventy years ago. 


At times the film feels a little rushed, especially the ending, but there is still enough here with which to be more than entertained and engrossed with even if it does feel a little like a B movie. 


The Man Behind the Mask certainly feels its age but there is enough here to thrill with an engrossing tale. 


face behind the mask.jpeg

The Face Behind the Mask is available on disc and digital from all good retailers. 

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