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the fall guy


starring: ryan gosling, emily blunt, aaron taylor-johnson, and hannah waddingham

REVIEWER: jesse timbs

A down-and-out stuntman must find the missing star of his ex-girlfriend's blockbuster film.

The Fall Guy is fun from the opening scene and continues into the credits and a great homage to the hugely under recognised stunt industry.


After leaving the business one year earlier, battle-scarred stuntman Colt Seavers springs back into action when the star of a big studio movie suddenly disappears. As the mystery surrounding the missing actor deepens, Colt soon finds himself ensnared in a sinister plot that pushes him to the edge of a fall more dangerous than any stunt.


The Fall Guy is full of big practical stunts (so big they even set a world record for cannon rolling a car) huge explosions and fast paced action non of which takes itself to seriously but also draws you in and will hold your attention. This is all backed up by an amazing soundtrack.


Gosling and Blunt are both effortlessly funny and the chemistry between them is electric.

Gosling is incredible in his role as  Colt Seavers, his line delivery and physical comedy is outstanding. If you loved him in The Nice Guys you will love him in this.


The Fall Guy is an all around big budget, perfectly executed crowd pleaser with something for everyone.


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