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the high note


DIRECTOR: Nisha Ganatra (late night)
STARRING: dakota johnson, tracee ellis ross, kelvin harrison jr. and ice cube


REVIEWER: emily carter

A superstar singer and her overworked personal assistant are presented with a choice that could alter the course of their respective careers.

Need a warm and cosy reason to finally leave your bubble? The High Note is an easy-watching welcome back to your local theatre.


But does the vaguely-familiar music-producing flick hit the mark as our first film away from the couch?


The film follows an a singing superstar feeling the pressure to keep her lengthy career afloat, and her often-overlooked assistant who aspires to something more.


Dakota Johnson plays personal assistant Maggie, a young woman who has idolised her employer for years. Her desire to be in Grace's inner circle is all part of her dream to work in music production.


And Tracee Ellis Ross plays Grace Davis - a talented singer who is being pushed on every side to wind down her career, relying only on her greatest hits. Until Maggie speaks her mind of course, but is she overstepping her mark?


With strong and contrasting female leads, The High Note is a breath of fresh air in its field of music related movies. It features fabulous music and some smart plot points, but does plod along in parts. Johnson's character does feel very..."Johnson". Her mumbling and head-bowing behaviour is somewhat familiar, but it's Ross' character that really hits it out of the park.


With a enrapturing voice, clever character and superb storyline, Tracee Ellis Ross is the sparkler on this tiara. She's undoubtedly the star of the screen, making you wonder why Johnson was the star of the show.


While an easy-going new entry to the cinema-scape, The High Note does miss a few beats along the way. Comfy, but not cutting-edge, it's a fun way to spend a winter's evening out.


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The High Note is available on disc and digital from all good disc and digital retailers. 

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