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walking out


Director: andrew j. smith and alex smith (winter in blood, the slaughter rule)

Starring: matt bomer, josh wiggins, bill pullman, and alex naustaedter

REVIEWER: Lyall Carter

A city teenager travels to Montana to go hunting with his estranged father, but the trip becomes a battle for survival when they encounter a grizzly bear.

I always tend to watch movies of people trapped in horrifically cold situations when its winter time. I don't know why it happens but it does and it kinda brings an immersive experience to the whole event. 

David heads off into the remote wilderness to visit his father Cal who tells him that they are going out into the wintery wilderness to hunt moose like he did with his father. After a serious mishap David must attempt to make his way back to civilisation to save not only himself but his father from certain death. 

EssentiallyWalking Out is a story about fathers and sons; the loving relationships and the chips and cracks that can form even within the closest of bonds. This is all set in the bitter but beautiful winter landscape of Montana. The story clicks along at a good pace with flashbacks to Cal's hunting experiences with his father. 

The father and son dynamic is portrayed wonderfully by Matt Bomer and Josh Wiggins and with the two of them dominating the screen, it needed to.

Now Walking Out isn't a bad film - not in the slightest. Overall its quite enjoyable with a couple of hair raising bear moments (not nearly as horrific as The Revenant) thrown in for good measure. Its just that Walking Out isn't particularly memorable. 

A tale of fathers and sons set against the harsh, Montana winter with great performances from Bomer and Wiggins. 


Walking Out is available on DVD and digital from all good disc and digital retailers. 

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