baby done.jpg
baby done

Baby Done is at times unreasonably funny, while also being unapologetically affecting with its consideration of the existential shift that parenthood can seem to pose. This combo is what makes it such a compelling and substantive movie, and very worthy of your time.

raya and the last dragon teaser

Restore peace. Find the last dragon.

Watch the new trailer for Raya and the Last Dragon, in NZ cinemas April 1, 2021. 

borat 2.jpg

borat subsequent moviefilm

Hilarious and uncomfortable to watch in equal measure, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is a necessary film that helps expose the real America beneath the shiny facade. Very nice!


i am greta

I Am Greta will move you to the core. One of the best films of 2020. Don’t miss it. 

totally under c.jpg

totally under control

A devastating film, Totally Under Control is a stark expose of the catastrophic blunders on so many levels that saw the COVID - 19 pandemic spiral out of control in the US. One of the best documentaries of 2020. Demands to be seen. 

monsoon movie.jpg


In Monsoon we finally get to see Golding unleash his complete acting potential with a performance of devastatingly honest performance in a film that is a little pedestrian at times.

more you.jpg

the more you ignore me

A well told tale with heart-warming characters, The More You Ignore Me is a delightful film.

secret garden.jpg

the secret garden

A whimsical, joyous adaption of the classic novel, The Secret Garden is a magical, nostalgic film for children and adults alike.

october hol.jpg

Even though the kids have spent more time at home this year already, school holidays are upon us again!


Here's a list of the best kids film now showing in NZ cinemas.

Is the mysterious Safin (Rami Malek) 007’s most terrifying adversary yet?

No Time To Die is in cinemas this November.


An exciting selection of NZ films, as part of their NZ Stories line-up, are now streaming on DocPlay.



Jane Austen fans unite, Emma is another jewel to add to her string of sparkling stories you can view on the big screen.

little women.jpg

little women

No film has taken me back to my school library days quite like Little Women - and in the very best way. A charmer hopefully as timeless as the book

jumanji the next level.jpg

jumanji: the next level

Jumanji: The Next Level is exactly what you’d expect: action packed with a few belly laughs thrown in. Perfect sit back and relax kinda entertainment. 

bad boys for life.jpg

bad boys for life

Bad Boys for Life is an action filled popcorn romp with a touch of character and the great chemistry between Smith and Lawrence, who still have it after all this time.

rise of skywalker.jpg

star wars: the rise of skywalker

While it’s a beautiful looking movie with some great gut punching moments, J. J. Abrams had too much narratively to deal with leading the film and the Star Wars saga towards a rushed conclusion.   

knives out.jpg

knives out

If you like big, ensemble casts watch Knives Out. If you like whodunit mysteries watch Knives Out. If you just want to be entertained drop everything and go see Knives Out. You will be very entertained indeed.

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