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bad boys for life

Bad Boys for Life is an action filled popcorn romp with a touch of character and the great chemistry between Smith and Lawrence, who still have it after all this time.

disney plus is streaming now!

Hope you have a lot of sick leave cause Disney Plus is streaming NOW!

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my spy

For a light hearted, hilarious and action packed Friday night out you cannot go past My Spy.



A light- hearted comedy filled with adventure, romance and a very windy dragon. 



A powerful cast paired with a powerful story, Bombshell will suckerpunch you and leave you pondering on the state of it all today.



1917 has to be the front runner for every gong come award season. The best war film since Saving Private Ryan and will go down as one of the best films of this new decade.  Don’t wait. See it on the biggest screen you can possibly find. 



Roxane is a charming film that shows that someone’s passion can be an asset rather than something to be considered only after work and on weekends. 


a shaun the sheep movie: farmageddon

You don't need words to make Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon a funny flick. A super-quirky movie great for the littlest of movie-goers.

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It. Is. Time. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Mandalorian, check out basically everything coming to Disney+ RIGHT HERE!

*Not all titles are confirmed for New Zealand but we reckon it'll be pretty close to it.

Here at Movie Army we loooooove a good creature feature so to celebrate the SUPERB Crawl (make sure you check it out in cinemas NOW!!!) we've put together a list of our fav Top Ten Creature Features!!! 

You know when massive beasts go nuts and wreak havoc on an unsuspecting bunch of humans? Huh, stupid humans!!!


We have some very good news!!!! Disney Plus is coming to NZ November 19, 2019!!! Check out our article for pricing and heaps more info!!!

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once upon a time... in hollywood

Tarantino's Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood not only taps into that nostalgia for the good old days of Hollywood, but is an engrossing, thought provoking tale of triumph and loss. The first serious Oscar contender of 2019.

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ad astra

Brad Pitt is wondrous and gives a measured, raw performance in this intimate exploration of the dynamics of a father and son relationship told on the vast canvas of the cosmos. 

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downton abbey

Exactly what every fan of Downton Abbey would have wanted and so much more. A blissful escape to Downton. What could be better?



A dazzling score, next level animation, and a story that pulls at the heart and has you crying with laughter, Abominable is a must, MUST see!!

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good boys

Good Boys will have you laughing all the way through with a few unexpected feels thrown in the mix.


dora and the lost city of gold

Check out Braxton's (5) review of Dora and the Lost City of Gold

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