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dungeons & dragons: honour among thieves

While there are some elements that don’t quite hit the mark, Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves is a fun, fantastical night out at the cinema.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A #@%!

Who would have thought that a documentary based on a self help book could genuinely be an entertaining and rewarding experience? But here we are, and The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A #@%! is definitely recommended.

Now available on digital.

in cinemas
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john wick: chapter four

Unrelenting in its fight and fury, John Wick: Chapter Four is a crowd pleasing action stacked delight. The reason we go to the movies.



Living is a rare breed of film that transcends mere entertainment, becoming an ode and meditation on the meaning of life that will have you musing on it for weeks to come. An incredibly beautiful work of art with one of the best acting performances from Bill Nighy that you are ever likely to witness. The best film of 2023.

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shazam! fury of the gods

While there are some touchstones to the original film, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, while an enjoyable ride, goes down a more serious route with mixed results.


scream VI

Scream VI is a clever and thoroughly engaging slasher with a great cast and some excellent writers as the film’s twists and escalations will keep even the most shrewd horror fan entertained.



Broker is a gentle yet at times funny exploration of a group of desperate yet loveable outsiders who must come together to survive.



Champions is a feel-good movie with characters of depth that ring true, giving it a whole lot of heart and laughter along the way.

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my policeman

My Policeman is an affecting drama that boasts Harry Styles’ star power and great key performance from David Dawson, but doesn’t quite have the strength beyond this to drive it all home, despite an interesting parallel narrative approach. 

Now streaming on Prime Video.



Andor is bold, fresh and gritty, leaving you with the sense that you’ve entered a very real world. The best Star Wars tale since the original trilogy.


First three episodes streaming on Disney Plus from September 21.New episode weekly.



A joy filled tale filled with laughs aplenty and heart in your mouth moments, Pinocchio is a superb film for the whole family. Absolute Disney magic. 

Now streaming on Disney Plus. 


the lord of the rings: rings of power

Cinematic in scale, The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power is a triumph, perfectly capturing the magic of Middle Earth with a rip roaring, binge worthy story to boot.

First two episodes streaming on Prime Video from September 2.New episodes streaming weekly. 



One of the best films of the year. Has to be seen to be believed.

Streaming now on DocPlay.

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house of the dragon

House of the Dragon reclaims the TV throne. Spectacular. 

Streaming on NEON from August 22.
New episode weekly.

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