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it lives inside

It Lives Inside is an inventive and effective horror exploring from an Indian-American point of view the alienation children of migrants can feel in an unaccommodating cultural setting. 


A Star Wars series that doesn’t rely solely on nostalgia, Ahsoka continues to build not only established characters but a tale that is engrossing and stacked with action. 

First two episodes now streaming on Disney Plus. New episode weekly.

in cinemas
teenage mutant ninja turtles.jpeg

teenage mutant ninja turtles: mutant mayhem

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem is a bold reimagining of the classic franchise with a strikingly original art style, fantastic and extensive roster of voice acting talent and pitch perfect sense of humour.

haunting in venice.jpg

a haunting in venice

While A Haunting in Venice doesn’t reach the heights of the previous instalments, it still is an entertaining murder mystery (with a slash of gothic horror thrown in) with Sir Kenneth and the very top of his moustache twirling game.

blue beetle.jpg

blue beetle

Blue Beetle is a fantastic introduction to the character and concept of Blue Beetle, with a great sense of humour and a brilliantly compelling family dynamic at its heart, Blue Beetle is one of the best DC movies in years.

my big f.png

my big fat wedding 3

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 isn’t afraid about aging and growing the family. It’s a wholesome film, a moment to escape away (perhaps from your own family dramas) and view the beautiful Greek islands. It’s a fun time with familiar faces! 

haunted mansion.jpg

haunted mansion

Haunted Mansion is a fright filled, fun fest with intriguing characters and a cracking tale. Sure to be a family Halloween classic.

equalizer 3.jpg

the equalizer 3

A mature action blockbuster that doesn’t primarily rely on gore or action set pieces to engage its audiences, The Equalizer 3 takes its time with the narrative and the characters crafting an enthralling, crowd pleasing thriller. Best film of the trilogy.

only murders 3.jpeg

only murders in the building s3

With an incredible ensemble cast and an intriguing murder mystery, Only Murders in the Building Season 3 proves once again why it’s one of the best crafted television shows to hit our screens in years.

First two episodes now streaming on Disney Plus. New episode weekly.

little mermaid.jpeg

the little mermaid

With a vibrant, powerhouse performance from lead Halle Bailey accompanied by stunning, sumptuous visuals and incredible renditions of the beloved songs from the original, The Little Mermaid is a picture perfect fairytale for all ages.

Now available to purchase on digital.

fast x.jpeg

fast x

While Fast X has some narratively clunky moments, it’s everything that you would want in a Fast and Furious film. A ridiculously, action stacked thrill ride with a villain in Jason Momoa’s Dante that might just be the franchise’s Joker equivalent.

Now available to rent and buy on digital

guardians of the galaxy 3.jpg

guardians of the galaxy vol.3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is everything that you would want and more in the final film in the trilogy. It continues to be bold, fresh, and will have you laughing one moment and weeping the next. A hell of a last ride.


Now  streaming on Disney Plus and available to purchase on digital. 

dungeons and dragons.jpeg

dungeons and dragons: honor among thieves

While there are some elements that don’t quite hit the mark, Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves is a fun, fantastical night out at the cinema.

Now available to rent and buy on digital and disc.

the flash 2023.jpeg

the flash

A breath of fun, fresh, frantic air, The Flash is a thoroughly entertaining ride from start to finish, led by a magnificent performance by not one but two Ezra Miller’s.


Now available to rent or buy on digital.

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