the innocents

A simple premise executed masterfully, The Innocents is one of the most compelling yet haunting films of 2022.


An uncompromising depiction of the brutality of the American frontier and the pioneers who set out to settle it, 1883 is an expansion, viscerally entertaining series with a great ensemble cast. 

All episodes streaming on Prime Video from April 29.

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to olivia.jpeg

to olivia

While lacking some of the whimsical magic of Dahl’s creations, To Olivia is a poignant and heartstring pulling tale with a stellar British cast.

the northman.jpg

the northman

While a stunning portrayal of viking culture and a superb ensemble cast, The Northman’s narrative isn’t as engaging as it could have been. 

nobody has to know.jpg

nobody has to know

Nobody Has to Know is a careful, yet affecting drama exploring through a small but novel story how love can bring meaning to life and inspire forgiveness.

operation mincemeat.jpg

operation mincemeat

A thrilling tale of WWII espionage, Operation Mincemeat will have you on the edge of your seat with the best ensemble cast superbly lead by Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen. One of 2022’s best. 

doctor strange 2.jpg

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness

While some elements of the narrative will require multiple viewings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is an entertaining whirlwind ride through the multiverse with breathtaking sequences, fantastical visuals, plenty of surprises and director Sam Raimi’s horror fingerprints all over it.

velvet queen.jpg

the velvet queen

The Velvet Queen is unlike any wildlife documentary you’ve ever seen. While it has gorgeous shots filled to the brim with animal life, The Velvet Queen involves the humans behind the camera as well which helps to leave the audience with deep questions to ponder concerning their place in the world alongside the other creatures that inhabit it.  

a very british scandal.jpg

a very british scandal

While not relying on a roulette of salacious revelations to keep the audience engaged and entertained, A Very British Scandal is a measured, considered series with award worthy performances from Foy and Bettany. 

All episodes streaming on Prime Video from April 24.

moon knight.jpg

moon knight

Marvel has upped their game yet again. With a superb lead performance from Oscar Isaac and an action packed historical mystery cloaked in myth at its core, Moon Knight is unlike anything that you’ve seen from Marvel before. One of the best TV series of 2022. 

Streaming on Disney Plus from  March 30. 

One episode premiere. New episode weekly.

turning red.jpg

turning red

Pixar has done it again. With stunning animation and a whole lot of heart, Turning Red is a thoroughly entertaining and trailblazing film telling a story unlike any Pixar has told before. 

Streaming on Disney Plus from March 11.

nightmare alley.jpeg

nightmare alley

While there are no fantastical monsters in sight, Del Toro masterfully explores the monster lurking within all of us in an atmospheric, hauntingly beautiful, and gorgeous looking film with one of the best ensemble casts in recent memory. A must-watch.

Streaming on Disney Plus under the Star banner from March 9.

how i met your father.jpg

how i met your father

How I Met Your Father is a gentle, easy watch and binge worthy comedy with lovable characters to boot.

Streaming on Disney Plus under the Star banner from March 9. Two episode premiere. New episode weekly.



For a film that was released over seventy years ago, Outrage is a truly raw film of thundering power that compassionately and bravely tackles issues that unfortunately women still face today. 

Out now on DVD.