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drive-away dolls

While Drive-Away Dolls is punctuated with great moments, there is something about its quirkiness that makes it slightly less accessible.

the holdovers

Review coming soon.

Now streaming.

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the zone of interest

Review coming soon.

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bob marley: one love

Bob Marley: One Love is made entirely compelling by the committed and captivating performance of Kingsley Ben-Adir as Bob Marley. With the music behind him, Ben-Adir is magnetic.

may december.jpeg

may december

With a trio of powerhouse performances, May December drags us through manipulation, abject brokenness, and misery all under the guise of suburban respectability.



With twist upon twist that pulls you out of any connection with the story or its characters, Argylle tragically is a blockbuster misfire on multiple levels. 



With a star-making performance from Cailee Spaeny, at its very best Priscilla is a gorgeously rendered film but without the concluding punch of empowerment you could be longing for.

the iron claw.jpg

the iron claw

With harrowing, brutal blows both in the ring and out of it, The Iron Claw is a rare cinematic experience these days: a full blown, ensemble drama that will stay firmly in your mind and heart long after the credits roll.



Saltburn is equally spellbinding as it is disturbing with a superb cast led by a career defining performance from Barry Keoghan with gorgeous lighting and cinematography. This might just be not only Emerald Fennell’s best film yet but one of the most talked about films of 2023.


Now streaming on Prime Video.

the creator.jpg

the creator

A sci-fi classic in the making, The Creator is one of the most imaginative, soulful films in recent memory with a thoroughly engaging and thought provoking tale, stunning world building, and a superb cast. One of 2023’s best films.

Now streaming on Disney Plus. 



Oppenheimer is miraculous. A modern day cinematic masterpiece with a director at the very height of his powers and an ensemble cast led by a career defining performance from Cillian Murphy to match.

Oppenheimer is available now on disc and digital.



While full of bright, sparkling fun which will have you roaring with laughter, Barbie is so much more with a beating heart and a message that will have you whooping from your seats.

Barbie is available now on disc and digital.

teenage mutant ninja turtles.jpeg

teenage mutant ninja turtles: mutant mayhem

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem is a bold reimagining of the classic franchise with a strikingly original art style, fantastic and extensive roster of voice acting talent and pitch perfect sense of humour.

Available on disc and digital. 

haunting in venice.jpg

a haunting in venice

While A Haunting in Venice doesn’t reach the heights of the previous instalments, it still is an entertaining murder mystery (with a slash of gothic horror thrown in) with Sir Kenneth and the very top of his moustache twirling game.

Available on Disney Plus and digital.

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