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dawn raid

Dawn Raid is as Kiwi a film as you could possibly get. Filled with powerful, creative characters who use their ingenuity and a lot of heart and courage to shine on the world stage, Dawn Raid is a must see film that every New Zealander should see. 

top 12 films of 2020 (And some others we quite liked)

Phew. 2020 is nearly over. Even though we had cinemas locked down and Hollywood changing its release schedule we still saw some awesome films in 2020. Check out our Top 12 films plus some others we really liked too.

Thanks heaps to our amazing team of reviewers and contributors at Movie Army, all the distributors, film PR reps and fellow reviewers who have supported Movie Army through a crazy year.

Finally a big shout out to all our Movie Army fans. Thank you for all your support - it really means the world. We will see you all in 2021.




penguin bloom

While we may have seen these kinds of films before - the triumph of the human spirit in spite of overwhelming odds, Penguin Bloom is still a beautiful film with heartwarming moments of joy and triumph for all to behold.


promising young woman

Promising Young Woman is about as perfect as a movie can get. Make sure you catch this in cinemas. It's gonna be a cult classic.


one night in miami

One Night in Miami is a story of a global struggle powerfully writ large on the intimate canvas of the lives of four powerful souls. A 2021 must see film.



WandaVision is fresh and inventive with a whole lot of heart while hinting at a larger story lurking beneath its shiny surface.

from the vine.jpg

from the vine

From the Vine is a cheery and charming tale of Italian vineyard bliss that might just be the cinematic drop that you need.


ottolenghi and the cakes of versailles

Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles is a sumptuous cinematic journey for the mind, soul and the taste buds that you really need to take.

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Restore peace. Find the last dragon.

Watch the new trailer for Raya and the Last Dragon, in NZ cinemas April 1, 2021. 

Christmas has come early in the form of the British Film Festival 2020!

Featuring the very best of British filmmaking the programme offers a rich and satisfying selection of films that tell authentic stories, introduce new voices, and bring together new visions from some of the most acclaimed talent Britain has to offer.


Check out some of our reviews of the films playing at the festival here.

For the full program check out www.britishfilmfestival.co.nz

Is the mysterious Safin (Rami Malek) 007’s most terrifying adversary yet?

No Time To Die is in cinemas this November.



Raw and visceral that will pull at every heart string, Savage is a New Zealand gang film of thundering power that will leave you with haunting questions long after the credits roll. 



Although Unhinged is slightly predictable, it’s a nail biting ride with a manically raging performance from Russell Crowe.

secret garden.jpg

the secret garden

A whimsical, joyous adaption of the classic novel, The Secret Garden is a magical, nostalgic film for children and adults alike.

new mutants.jpg

the new mutants

Even though it will entertain you, The New Mutants attempts to go darker and edgier appears as though it has become stuck between the old and the new. 

bill and ted.jpg

bill & ted face the music

Although the film’s conclusion seemed a little anticlimactic, Bill & Ted Face the Music is an entertaining ride through time and space.


how to train your dragon: homecoming

Although it feels more like a holiday special than a film, How To Train Your Dragon: Homecoming is a wonderful return to Berk and all the characters we have grown to love. 

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