While not wholly original, Monos takes us on the slow and descent into the deepest depravity of humanity with an outstanding ensemble cast and breathtaking cinematography and score. 

disney plus is streaming now!

Hope you have a lot of sick leave cause Disney Plus is streaming NOW!



A handcrafted work of art, Mark Jenkin is a new director worth following as Bait is an interesting and compelling narrative filled with beautiful film craft. 



With a superb fantastical adventure that hits you right in the feels, Pixar delivers pure movie magic. Onward is a masterpiece.  

spaceship earth.jpg

spaceship earth

Even though it doesn’t delve too deep, Spaceship Earth is nonetheless a fascinating tale of the human experience in all its hopeful wonder and failings, and a cautious reminder of the frailty of our own world’s ecosystem.


miss fisher and the crypt of tear

Although it's an entertaining and glamorous romp around the world and back again, Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears is one for the fans. 

queen and slim.jpg

queen & slim

Thundering performances and a searing critique of the unjust societal structures don’t quite make up for a film that at times feels somewhat drawn out.

the assistant.jpg

the assistant

The Assistant helps you see the knots in the entertainment industry, and really puts a forlorn face on the victims of it. A truly sad and compelling watch.

disney plus layout.jpg

It. Is. Time. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Mandalorian, check out basically everything coming to Disney+ RIGHT HERE!

*Not all titles are confirmed for New Zealand but we reckon it'll be pretty close to it.

Here at Movie Army we loooooove a good creature feature so to celebrate the SUPERB Crawl (make sure you check it out in cinemas NOW!!!) we've put together a list of our fav Top Ten Creature Features!!! 

You know when massive beasts go nuts and wreak havoc on an unsuspecting bunch of humans? Huh, stupid humans!!!


We have some very good news!!!! Disney Plus is coming to NZ November 19, 2019!!! Check out our article for pricing and heaps more info!!!



Jane Austen fans unite, Emma is another jewel to add to her string of sparkling stories you can view on the big screen.

little women.jpg

little women

No film has taken me back to my school library days quite like Little Women - and in the very best way. A charmer hopefully as timeless as the book

jumanji the next level.jpg

jumanji: the next level

Jumanji: The Next Level is exactly what you’d expect: action packed with a few belly laughs thrown in. Perfect sit back and relax kinda entertainment. 

bad boys for life.jpg

bad boys for life

Bad Boys for Life is an action filled popcorn romp with a touch of character and the great chemistry between Smith and Lawrence, who still have it after all this time.

rise of skywalker.jpg

star wars: the rise of skywalker

While it’s a beautiful looking movie with some great gut punching moments, J. J. Abrams had too much narratively to deal with leading the film and the Star Wars saga towards a rushed conclusion.   

knives out.jpg

knives out

If you like big, ensemble casts watch Knives Out. If you like whodunit mysteries watch Knives Out. If you just want to be entertained drop everything and go see Knives Out. You will be very entertained indeed.

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