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REVIEWER: lyall carter


Practical solutions to environmental concerns are addressed with the hope that the filmmaker's daughter, 21 years old in the year 2040, will face a hopeful future.

There is a danger that, for a variety of reasons 2040 can be dismissed without a thought. Depending on what side of the climate change debate you sit 2040 could be ignored for going too far or not going far enough. But I found that 2040 walked the tightrope of both positions brilliantly giving us a wonderful, achievable and hopeful vision of the future. 


2040 is an exercise in ‘fact-based dreaming’ as Damon Gameau (of That Sugar Film fame) explores what changes we could make in the world to combat the changing climate by 2040 (when his daughter Velvet is 27). But the one rule that he gives himself is that the changes can only be brought about through technologies and practices that currently exist today. What Gameau and we discover as we go along for the journey is a beautiful hope filled vision of what 2040 could really be like. 

This film is completely accessible to those who don’t believe in climate change and believe that it's all a conspiracy. These practises that exist now - energy sharing neighbourhood networks, ride sharing in driverless cars, regeneration farming, and restoring sea life to name but a few not only help the planet but help our back pocket too.

Another approach of Gameau’s that I really liked is that he didn’t leave humanity out of the picture. He didn’t look at making these changes and not consider the large amount of people who would be left out of work. He showed how they could be employed in the new industries that would spring up because of each new practise. 

Gameau flew around the globe to make the film and points out that every person who wants to make the world a bit greener will be a hypocrite some time in their life - the system is built toward pollution. 

His only point that seemed a little strained in light of his freedom of choice and general message was toward implicit human population control which seemed a little restraining. Otherwise a film of tremendous humanity, power, and hope.

2040 is a tremendous film filled with humanity and a hope filled vision for the future of humanity and the planet.



2040 is available on DVD and Blu-ray from all good disc retailers. 

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