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danger 5: the complete collection

Starring: natasa ristic, sean james murphy, amanda simons, and david ashby 


REVIEWER: lyall carter


It's Christmas in the 1980s, Adolf Hitler is alive and has two Yuletide wishes: Danger 5 dead and the world under his Christmas tree.

One of my favorite shows to watch on a wet Saturday afternoon was The Avengers. Not the Marvel bunch but the British spy, sci-fi TV series of the 60's with Steed and Emma Peel. It was suave, action packed, and just a little bizzare. Danger 5 has been created in a similar vein: spies, action, and a good dose of the weird. But its just brilliant. 


Your mission is to kill Adolf Hitler...

During Series 1 in each episode Danger 5 unravels another of Hitler’s diabolical schemes as they travel across a myriad of exotic locations. Set in a bizarre, 1960’s inspired version of World War II, action comedy series DANGER 5 follows a team of five spies on a mission to kill Adolf Hitler.

And in Series 2 Allied super-team Danger 5 reunite after years of far-flung obscurity to stop Hitler’s ultimate quest for world domination in a 1980s excess-soaked universe of neon, ninjas, discos, dinosaurs, pizza and prom-queens!


Danger 5 is by far the weirdest, hilarious, yet beautiful TV series I think I’ve ever seen. Even though its in parodic jest, it really is a tribute to everything from The Avengers to Doctor Who. The sets and special effects are in keeping with a production from the 60’s; very obvious puppets and models. But it totally works and along with a great cast committed to the cause, Danger 5 makes for nostalgic action packed, hilarious viewing. 


Bonkers, hilarious, and action packed Danger 5 is the kinda TV you need in your life.


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Danger 5: The Complete Series is available on DVD from all good disc retailers. 

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