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dark crimes

Director: Alexandros Avranas (miss violence)

Starring: jim carrey, marton csokas, charlotte gainsbourg, and Piotr Głowacki


REVIEWER: lyall carter


A hard-boiled detective becomes suspicious of an author when the incidents described in his hit novel resemble the inner-workings of an unsolved murder.

Jim Carrey is making a come back. After disappearing into the Hollywood hills for a few years after being one of tinsel towns most bankable stars for over a decade, Carrey is back making movies. But Dark Crimes is in no way funny or particularly good. 


Tadek is a detective who takes on a case involving the murder of a businessman. To his and everyone's surprise the case is identical to a character's murder in a recently published novel by a man named Kozlov. While the crime appears to be an open and shut case, Tadek discovers a darker secret.

Is Carrey's accent Irish/Canadian/British Polish? Its hard to tell. And that kind of sums up the issues with Dark Crimes. Its so hard to tell what they were trying to achieve. 

A large part of the story deals with the exploitation of vulnerable women. Now if it served a narrative purpose or had a great pay off at the end then it would work. But it just seems to be chucked in there to shock or be a carbon copy of the brutality that Scandinavian murder/detective films are known for.


Carrey really does try in this role and he is quite subdued by his zany comic standards. But unfortunately its not nearly enough. 

A bit of a swing and a miss on Carrey's comeback tour. 



Dark Crimes is available on DVD and digital from all good disc and digital retailers. 

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