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Parasite is inventive, sharp, funny, and completely compelling. A cinematic masterpiece. 

jojo rabbit.jpg

jojo rabbit

A constant barrage of laughs and several swift punches to the tear ducts, Jojo Rabbit is Taika's best film yet, one of the best of the year, and an ode to the beauty of humanity. Majestical.

ford v ferrari.jpg

ford v ferrari

The most crowd pleasing motor racing film since The World’s Fastest Indian, Ford V Ferrari is one of this year’s best with edge of your seat, heart thundering out of your mouth car racing anchored by magnificent performances from Damon and Bale.

ready or not.jpg

ready or not

Fantastically fun with thrills, Ready or Not proves itself to be a standout horror flick.

last christmas.jpg

last christmas

And while it has some slippery moments, there's enough rom, a bunch of com and a serving of Christmas - all as promised. It's feel-good and fun, but probably won't make it to the top shelf of your Christmas classics.

terminator dark fate.jpg

terminator: dark fate

Although it feels though it covers familiar ground, Terminator: Dark Fate brings action packed fury to the big screen like nothing else.

maleficent 2.jpg

maleficent: mistress of evil

With two powerhouse performances from Jolie and Pfeiffer and a vastly expanded story and world, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is a visual treat even better than the first.

gemini man.jpg

gemini man

While Gemini Man won't gain cult classic status, its a solid action spy thriller with quick fire action, great banter, and not one but two Will Smiths. What more could you possibly want?

zombieland 2.jpg

zombieland: double tap

Even better than the first Zombieland: Double Tap is a pedal to the metal action, side splittingly hilarious zombie flick starring Woody Harrelson. What more could you want?



Judy is an intriguing bio pic with a raw, wondrous performance from Renee Zellweger but unfortunately only appears to scratch the surface.

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