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Glass does not disappoint. It meets all your expectations and then some, masterfully bringing the Unbreakable /Split story to a close. Or has it?




Its refreshing, its rude, its hilarious and magnificently acted. It might not be the kind of period drama you'd take your grandmother to but its absolutely delicious.  


instant family

A satisfying all-rounder to bring on the tears of every kind, Instant Family is the cosy heart-warmer a tough world needs.


mary queen of scots

Visually stunning and historically intriguing, Mary 
Queen of Scots
 is a lengthy tale that could use trimming, but it's two female leads are just unmissable!


spider-man: into the spider-verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a fantastic watch, and may just be the best Spider-Man film ever committed to the big screen.


can you ever forgive me?

An intimate exploration of the inner life of writer Lee Israel anchored by a career defining performance from Melissa McCarthy. 


holmes and watson

From one of Will Ferrell's biggest fans Holmes and Watson is a bit of a disappointment with very few laughs to go around. 


mary poppins returns

We have a new Disney classic on our hands. Blunt as Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way just like the film itself. 

how to train dragon.jpg

how to train your dragon: the hidden kingdom

Check out our kid's review of How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden Kingdom.



Bumblebee is the Transformers film we've all been waiting for filled with childlike joy and wonder. 



Papillon is a solid prison escape film and with Hunnam and Malek around its more than worth a watch.

last witness.jpg

the last witness

 A story that deserves to be told but by some other film makers. 

free solo.jpg

free solo

One of the best documentaries in recent memory. Find it. Watch it. Sit there in awe.



Original and highly addictive, Counterpart is must watch TV.

little drummer girl.jpg

the little drummer girl

The Little Drummer Girl is a taut spy thriller with a great ensemble cast that engages all the senses.

an evening.jpg

an evening with beverly luff linn

For folks with a particular comedic taste, An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn certainly brings the chuckles.



Backtrace is more of a fizzer of an action film than a real cracker.

look away.jpg

look away

Some great work from India Eisley is ultimately let down by a mediocre script. 


no sex please: we're british

The theme of the story may be a little dated, but No Sex Please: We're British brings the chuckles and is led magnificently by Mr. Ronnie Corbett. 

odessa file.jpeg

the odessa file

For a thriller the pace might be slightly dated but The Odessa File is a great little thriller lead brilliantly by the charismatic Jon Voight. 

stone killers.jpg

the stone killer

A solid cop thriller with the moustached no nonsense Charles Bronson firmly in charge. 

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