ralph breaks the internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet is a fun filled adventure but doesn't quite have the same heart as other Disney classics. 


It's a kid's film. You don't need to know if the grown-ups will enjoy it, you want to know the little ones will love it.

Zoe (9) and Asher (7) review The Grinch.

the grinch


You really REALLY want to like it but unfortunately all of the components don't quite gel together as they should.  

mortal engines




Hostiles is a Western that gives you your action and something to think about as well.


If you are a purist genre fan of war and/or horror, Overlord won’t hit the spot, but for those that are out for a entertaining flick that’ll shake you up and leave your heart racing a bit it’s perfect.

sorry to bother you.jpg

sorry to bother you

If you don't let the more crazy moments bother you, then you're in for a treat.



I'm sorry to inform you. Its terminal.  


the nutcracker and the four realms

It's a kid's film. You don't need to know if the grown-ups will enjoy it, you want to know the little ones will love it.

Zoe (9) and Asher (7) review The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.


robin hood

Even the charismatic Taron Egerton can't save this mess. 



Its all going oh so well until being badly let down by its final act.

anna apocalypse.jpg

anna and the apocalypse

A fun take on a genre that has already been thrashed to within an inch of its life but doesn't quite pull off the musical component of the film. 

all the d.jpg

all the devil's men

A pedestrian action thriller than tries valiantly but clearly has budget restraints. 

a very english.jpg

a very english scandal

A truly bizarre but brilliant story, A Very English Scandal, anchored by a magnificent performance from Hugh Grant will enthral from start to finish. 

discovery of witches.jpg

a discovery of witches

While yet to stray too far from the fantasy norms, I have high hopes for a spooky season 2!

we bare bears.jpg

we bare bears 

We Bare Bears is unBEARably cute, who knew three bears would be so relatable?

ocean waves.jpg

ocean waves

Ocean Waves brings the teenage experience to the big screen with the beautiful touch of Studio Ghibli.



Suspiria is perfect if you felt that Black Swan didn’t quite scratch your dance/thriller itch.

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