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stan and ollie

A nostalgic trip down Hollywood's memory lane, some hilarious comedy, and superb performances from Coogan and Reilly, Stan and Ollie makes for a wondrous night out. 

ghost in the shell.jpg

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

An interesting and compelling series, one which doesn’t shy away from the societal and existential issues that can arise from the world that Stand Alone Complex presents.

a private war.jpg

a private war

A biopic that doesn’t sugar coat its subject, A Private War is a tremendous film with a career best performance from Rosamund Pike.

sisters brothers.jpg

the sisters brothers

A western that heads for new horizons than the tried and true trail, The Sisters Brothers is a cracking good fresh Western led brilliantly by Phoenix and Reilly.

the vanishing.jpg

the vanishing

A small, taut thriller which explores the extraordinary lengths that normal men will go when pushed down a dark path.


dragon ball super: broly

While its great to see Goku on the big screen and theres action and fun to be had, Dragon Ball Super: Broly isn't incredibly memorable. 

cold war.jpg

cold war

Exquisite cinematography and wonderful performance don't quite make up for a lacklustre narrative.

hidden soldier.jpg

the hidden soldier

Aside from some dodgy CGI, The Hidden Soldier is a solid WWII epic covering a long lost moment in history.



One of the best explorations of grief and loss in recent memory. Welcome back Jim Carrey. We've missed you.  

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tom clancy's jack ryan (S1)

Solid if not spectacular, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan serves up very familiar fare.

toy story.jpg

toy story collection

Toy Story. One of the greatest animated trilogies of all time.

captain america.jpg

captain america collection

Often overlooked the Captain America films are absolutely pivotal to the Marvel universe.

escape from new york.jpg

john carpenter collection

One of the best film makers these four classic flicks from John Carpenter show the master at work.



As cold and uninviting as the landscape it inhabits, Siberia is a confused film that packs none of the punches it promises.

i still see you.jpg

i still see you

An entertaining twist on the young adults genre, I Still See You is an entertaining watch. 

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