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The house with a clock.jpg

the house with a clock in its walls

Although the ending feels a little drawn out,The House With a Clock in Its Walls has all you could want from a supernatural, wizardry, kid friendly horror with fun, frights, and flights of fantasy.

leave no trace

A wonderful observation of human behaviour punctuated with terrific performances from Foster and Harcourt McKenzie.


the bombing

The Bombing's troubled production shows in the execution of its narrative structure although there are some great action sequences on show here.


christopher robin

Christopher Robin is something for your whole family, make it a special family movie night, followed up by a spoonful of honey to add to the abundance of sweetness from Pooh.


johnny english strikes again

Although slightly predictable, Johnny English: Strikes Again will wrap you up nice and warm with all of its British comedic eccentricities and have you laughing all the way home.


A joyous nostalgic delight that will enthral you from start to finish and a wonderful love letter to the city of Sydney. Grab Mum, Nana, and the aunties for a night in watching Ladies in Black. Its utterly charming. 

ladies in black


Although its inventive with a strong and convincing performance from its lead John Cho, Searching feels a little long and slow.



jimmy barnes: working class boy

A fascinating exploration of the life of Jimmy Barnes interspersed with music from his life. 



Mandy is an unabashedly crazy and surreal film, and whether it is something that you can enjoy will surely depend on your willingness to let it take you on its ridiculous ride.


c'est la vie!

C'est La Vie will have you roaring with laughter and chuckling to yourself for days afterwards. A real treat.  



With two independently interesting and potentially-epic storylines, Submergence looks promising, but under delivers in a swirl of head-scratching and confusion. 


the ottoman lieutenant

Not a classic by any means but getting swept up in the epic romance that is The Ottoman Lieutenant is a great way to spend an evening in front of the telly. 




A great B - grade film with plenty of action and suspense for the action fan.

Clever, fun, and sobering all at once. BlacKkKlansman is one of the best surprises of the year and the movie we all need.

the wife.jpg

the wife

Glenn Close is stunning in this titular role; she is a sophisticated force to be reckoned with. As Joe says “she doesn’t write, thank god” but boy can she act.


the predator

Despite a slightly messy third act, The Predator is exactly what you want in a big summer blockbuster: an entertaining ride, bloody action, and some belly laughs. 

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