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happiest season

Happiest Season has a stunning ensemble cast with one of the most honest, and as a result, Christmassy films out there.

war with grandpa.jpg

war with grandpa

The War with Grandpa does exactly what it says on the can. Family friendly, slapstick romp with enough to keep the adults entertained as well. What more could you want?



While Dreamland is an intriguing take on the Bonnie and Clyde mythos that doesn’t quite live up to its potential, it’s still an impressive looking film with slick, daring action sequences.


made in italy

Made in Italy is a wonderful exploration of a fractured father and son relationship in light of their shared grief, but is also filled with laughter, joy and a much needed escape to the rolling hills of Tuscany. 



Fatman is an intriguing premise that doesn’t always live up to its premise, but it is executed with blood filled, furious action that will entertain.

miss marple 4.jpeg

miss marple 4 - 6

For fans of classic murder mysteries, Miss Marple: Series Four to Six is a real treat with a host of guest stars to fill out the cast.



Despite its slower pacing and structure due to its age, there are still moments of entertainment to be found in Bognor.

cold comfort farm.jpg

cold comfort farm

Heartwarming and filled with satire, Cold Comfort Farm is an entertaining watch with an all star British cast.

crimson petal and the white.jpg

the crimson petal and the white

Although The Crimson Petal and the White is not your grandmother's period drama, it's a bold story of a young woman doing what it takes to make it in her world.


the apostle

The Apostle is a thoroughly impressive film that doesn’t satire its subject but offers up an extremely flawed but likeable character in a career best turn from Duvall. 

bridges at toko ri.jpg

the bridges at toko ri

While not as action packed as other war films of its era, The Bridges at Toko - Ri is an intriguing insight into the lives and hearts of the men who serve in the armed forces.

black sunday.jpg

black sunday

Black Sunday is an intriguing film filled with violence and political intrigue that will thoroughly entertain if one only has patience with its tempo.

war of the worlds.jpg

war of the worlds (1953)

The 1953 version of The War of the Worlds is not just a technical marvel but a thrilling adventure film to boot.

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