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the booksellers.jpg

the booksellers

The Booksellers is a beautiful, nostalgic journey into the wonderful world of the humble book.



With a superb fantastical adventure that hits you right in the feels, Pixar delivers pure movie magic. Onward is a masterpiece.  

the invisible man.jpg

the invisible man

The Invisible Man has just the right amount of scare, is incredibly well cast and acted, and takes an old classic and makes it both modern and believable.


guns akimbo

Even though we’ve seen similar films before, Guns Akimbo is an extremely entertaining, action stacked, darkly funny film.


sonic the hedgehog

The film leaves the Sonic (and Sega in general) universe open for more films and spin offs, so let's hope whatever happens next packs more of a punch.

legend of baron.jpg

the legeng of baron to'a

The Legend of Baron To’a is a real must see and will one day be considered one of New Zealand's greatest films. 



Jane Austen fans unite, Emma is another jewel to add to her string of sparkling stories you can view on the big screen.

little women.jpg

little women

No film has taken me back to my school library days quite like Little Women - and in the very best way. A charmer hopefully as timeless as the book

like a boss.jpg

like a boss

Grab the ladies and celebrate BFFs with this killer comedy.

jumanji the next level.jpg

jumanji: the next level

Jumanji: The Next Level is exactly what you’d expect: action packed with a few belly laughs thrown in. Perfect sit back and relax kinda entertainment. 

bad boys for life.jpg

bad boys for life

Bad Boys for Life is an action filled popcorn romp with a touch of character and the great chemistry between Smith and Lawrence, who still have it after all this time.

rise of skywalker.jpg

star wars: the rise of skywalker

While it’s a beautiful looking movie with some great gut punching moments, J. J. Abrams had too much narratively to deal with leading the film and the Star Wars saga towards a rushed conclusion.   

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