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jungle cruise.jpg

jungle cruise official trailer

Check out the official trailer of Jungle Cruise!


onward official trailer

Check out the official trailer of Onward!


We've got all the Disney Plus trailers released at D23 all in one place!!! Check them out!!!


aladdin (1992)

Aladdin is a colourful, funny, animated musical that more than earns its classic status.



The smallest Marvel superhero with the biggest heart, Ant-Man is filled with inventive action sequences, humour, and a cracking tale. Marvel - you've done it again. 



A Disney princess film for the modern era, Brave contains a much needed and empowering message for young girls everywhere wrapped up in mind blowingly wondrous animation. 



With sparkle and magic in all the right places, Aladdin is visual confectionery and gorgeous nostalgia all wrapped up in another gem for Disney.

cars 2.jpg

cars 2

Bold, brash, bloody brilliant. John Wick is back with the best action film of 2019.

doctor strange.jpg

doctor strange

An entertaining yet kinda forgettable ride, X-Men: Dark Phoenix doesn't quite go out with the bang the franchise deserves. 

finding nemo.jpg

finding nemo

Not only a Pixar but an animated classic, Finding Nemo is a tale about a little clown fish and his search for his missing son that will leave you crying an ocean of tears. 

finding dory.jpg

finding dory

On par maybe even better than the original, Finding Dory takes us to new narrative, emotional, and animation depths in this heartfelt sequel. 

good dinosaur.jpg

the good dinosaur

Although not the best Pixar film out there, The Good Dinosaur is a colourful, wonderfully animated tale of family, grief, and courage.

guardians of the galaxy.jpg

guardians of the galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy will have you grinning from ear to ear and fist pumping as it sweeps you away in this hilarious, highly engaging galactical adventure. 

inside out.jpg

inside out

With great emotional depth and a bravery to tackle topics that most ‘grown’ up movies dare not, Inside Out is one of the best Pixar films ever created. Period.



Maleficent would be slightly forgettable if not for Jolie’s magnificent cold as steel performance that she was born to play.



A film about a rat that explores one of the most human expressions: to dream.

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