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mork and mindy

REVIEWER: lyall carter


A wacky alien comes to Earth to study its residents and the life of the human woman he boards with is never the same.

Get ready to laugh with Mork & Mindy, the insanely popular Happy Days spin-off that crash-landed onto television in 1978. Fans went wild for this wacky, off-the-wall sitcom featuring a misfit alien who departs from the faraway planet of Ork to come study “crazy” earthling customs. After touching down near Boulder, Colorado, Mork encounters the beautiful college student Mindy (Pam Dawber). The two strike up a charming and entertaining friendship that is full of good times and unexpected surprises. Revisit the hilarious sitcom that launched Robin Williams’ career into warp drive with this four season, 15-disc collection.

Two things to clear up first. I’m a Robin Williams superfan. I’d never, up to this point, seen Mork and Mindy. For those who not only love Williams but also enjoy a hilarious sitcom, you’ve gotta check out Mork and Mindy. It's charming, funny and sweet but also contains an undercurrent of themes that address the human condition. 

But it's Robin Williams who is the real reason to watch this show. He is magnificent. His comedic timing, his riffing and his bizarre phrasing, gestures and words make you realise what we lost in his passing but thankful that we witnessed a comedic genius. It's beautiful, perfect and so overwhelmingly hilarious.

See where a comedy legend began and binge watch Mork and Mindy this weekend and revel in the genius that is Robin Williams.


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Mork and Mindy is available on DVD from all good disc retailers. 

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