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night school

DIRECTOR: Malcolm D. Lee (the best man holiday, barbershop: the next cut, girls trip)
STARRING: kevin hart, tiffany haddish, anne winters, and rob riggle


REVIEWER: lyall carter

A man's life takes an unexpected turn when he accidentally blows up his place of employment. Forced to attend night school to get his GED, he must now deal with a group of misfit students and a feisty teacher who doesn't think he's too bright.

Comedy is a funny beast. There is always someone you can't drag a smirk out of. But I'm pretty certain that no matter your tastes Night School is the kinda comedy that will get you chuckling. 

Teddy is a high school drop out - but a successful BBQ salesman. This all goes south when he loses his job through unfortunate circumstances but his friend lines him up a job at his financial firm. The only hitch is that Teddy has to have his GED which means heading off back to school and facing his fears from all those years ago. 

Now there isn't much to this story - its pretty simple. Thats not to say that it is at all bad - its good; the characters and the unfolding plot are all completely believable. Although a lot of time is spent on developing Teddy's character not a lot of time is spent on the others.

But really the question we need to ask is: is it funny? The answer is absolutely yes.

From accidental explosions, chicken costumes, to a night raid on the principals office to steal a test, Night School is absolutely crackup. Kevin Hart is in his element with his quick fire talk, quirky facial expressions, and his digging himself a hole conversations.

But Tiffany Haddish was the standout as the night school teacher. She is mean and sarcastic but all with a heart of gold as she goes toe to toe with Hart and is down right hilarious. 

Need a good laugh? Then Night School is exactly what you've been looking for.


Night School is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital from all good disc and digital retailers. 



There are a lot of mini extras (5 minute short doco's) which barely go beneath the surface. There is an alternative beginning which focuses on Teddy's struggles at school. We still got a lot of the alternative beginning in a series of flashbacks throughout the film but at least one scene from that sequence remained on the cutting room floor.


There is a gag reel and deleted scenes. The most hilarious is entitled Flash Cards; a scene where Mackenzie (Rob Riggle) and his son try and swat for a test. If they get an answer wrong they punch each other. Its pretty funny!

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