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office uprising

Starring: brenton thwaites, zachary levi, jane levy, and Karan Soni


REVIEWER: purdie jenkins


A laid-back worker at a weapons factory discovers a military energy drink is turning his co-workers into zombies.

Ammotech is a huge weapons corporation in Texas (where else?) multi story building full to the brim with all kinds of your typical office workers, including the douchebags. Desmond is the typical slacker, when he finally does arrive at the office he spends more time working on his own projects. When it’s announced that Ammotech is merging and half the staff will be let go, there is a certain unease in the office. Only to be trumped by the staff at Ammotech becoming guinea pigs in a new weapons trial.


Naturally, chaos ensues and Desmond has to figure out how to save himself, his work friend Mourad, and Samantha, who he is ‘just friends with’. There is a bit of action as Desmond applies his own ‘surviving work’ rules to the violent zombies that now rule the office.


Office Uprising is a bunch of silly fun, the premise alone should be evidence, it’s a fun ride of violence and one-liners. Nothing about it pushes any boundaries, it is the third office-based action/horror in as many years. What is excels at, is just entertaining you, something to watch on a Friday night with a few beers and friends.


The satire on office workers and working in a cubicle style office is pretty funny. The stereotypes of each department work well as Desmond has to get through each level to find safety, just like a video game.


What is slightly bizarre about the film is the past experience that the cast bring with them, with the likes of Evil Dead, Deadpool and even the upcoming Shazam!, maybe the cast signed up to have a little fun away from the bigger blockbuster style films.


While Office Uprising isn’t the next smash hit, it’s a bit of a fun break from your big budget movies.


office uprising dvd.jpeg

Office Uprising is available on DVD from all good retailers. 

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