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rumpole of the bailey

REVIEWER: lyall carter


The cases of a portly and eccentric criminal law barrister.

Horace Rumpole (Leo McKern) is the down-at-heel yet brilliant barrister who plies the courtrooms of the Old Bailey. Fond of quoting Wordsworth and notorious for turning away many suits according to his own moral code, he never prosecutes, always defends.


Famed for winning his cases, there is one person he will always lose out to – his wife, ""She Who Must Be Obeyed""!

For some the late 70’s format of Rumpole of the Bailey will be too sluggish but for those who stick with it will find a slow burning drama that is more than worth their time. The other factor that begs for this boxset to be binge watched is its star Leo McKern. 

McKern carries with him the magnetism, charisma and overwhelming watchability that only the true great actors can ever muster. He is just so watchable from his droll, steady and commanding narration to his firm command of his court presentations, Leo McKern is the reason to watch Rumpole of the Bailey.

While some may find it sluggish going, Rumpole of the Bailey begs to be watched due to the masterful performance from its star Leo McKern.


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Rumpole of the Bailey is available on DVD from all good disc retailers. 

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