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the witches

It’s good to be bad and Hathaway makes it look great, The Witches is sure to thrill.



While Amundsen is an intriguing exploration of the man and his achievements, at times it feels that it spreads itself a little thin.



Safety is a breezy, inspirational tale about the bond that can exist between brothers and the power of community.


happiest season

Happiest Season has a stunning ensemble cast with one of the most honest, and as a result, Christmassy films out there.

Godmothered Disney Plus-thumb-700xauto-2


Godmothered is one of the best Christmas movies in recent memory filled with oodles of Christmas spirit, laugh out loud moments and a much needed reminder of what a real happily ever after looks like.


paper champions

Paper Champions is a breezy, sweet, entertaining film with moments of great hilarity.



While the acting is first class and the story funny and engaging you can’t help feeling that only a piece of this story has actually been told.


a christmas gift from bob

A Christmas Gift from Bob wraps up all those Christmas feels to give us a feel good film that will leave a smile on your face long after you leave the cinema. 


oliver sacks: his own life

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life is a powerhouse of a documentary giving us an incredible insight into the life and work of an extraordinary human being.  

let him go.jpg

let him go

Not only is Let Him Go one of the most tense thrillers in recent memory, its exploration of family, grief, loss and abuse is one of the most honest to have graced the silver screen in a long time. 

uncle frank.jpg

uncle frank

Amazon Prime Video has one of the best films of 2020 on their hands with a heartwarming yet at times heartbreaking tale of family, loss and acceptance anchored by a career best and Oscar worthy performance from Paul Bettany. 


black beauty

Breezy and super sweet, Disney’s Black Beauty is an innocent tale of a girl and her horse and a welcome return to Disney’s live action animal films of yesteryear.  


the comeback trail

The Comeback Trail is the perfect remedy for 2020. It's damn entertaining, funny and disarming in equal measure anchored by one of De Niro’s most memorable performances in years.


six60: til the lights go out

In SIX60: Til the Lights Go Out the film makers attempt to take us behind the curtain and while the results are entertaining and at times insightful, you can’t help but feel that it's only just scratched the surface.



Reunion joins the class of 2020’s stellar NZ films, with a taut, thrilling horror that slowly but surely ratchets up the tension to a thrilling, heart pounding finale.

secrets we keep.jpg

the secrets we keep

Even though there is a slight predictability to The Secrets We Keep its still an entertaining, well acted and thrilling ride.



Freaky is a fun, lighthearted slasher comedy which will make you laugh out loud.



Reunion joins the class of 2020’s stellar NZ films, with a taut, thrilling horror that slowly but surely ratchets up the tension to a thrilling, heart pounding finale.


ip man: kung fu master

While the story only serves to transport you between fight sequences, Ip Man: Kung-Fu Master delivers a fun, action packed kung-fu classic that will have you thoroughly entertained.

honest thief.jpg

honest thief

With action and tension aplenty, Honest Thief is a thrilling and entertaining ride that demands to be seen on the biggest screen you can find.  



Pursuing happiness and love is only complicated by family and illness, Babyteeth is a film that proves life is possible.

into the darkness.jpg

into the darkness

Although Into the Darkness has quite a long running time that could test the attention span of some movie goers, it delivers a superb, well acted drama that poses some pertinent questions.

baby done.jpg

baby done

Baby Done is at times unreasonably funny, while also being unapologetically affecting with its consideration of the existential shift that parenthood can seem to pose. This combo is what makes it such a compelling and substantive movie, and very worthy of your time.

borat 2.jpg

borat subsequent moviefilm

Hilarious and uncomfortable to watch in equal measure, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is a necessary film that helps expose the real America beneath the shiny facade. Very nice!


i am greta

I Am Greta will move you to the core. One of the best films of 2020. Don’t miss it. 

totally under c.jpg

totally under control

A devastating film, Totally Under Control is a stark expose of the catastrophic blunders on so many levels that saw the COVID - 19 pandemic spiral out of control in the US. One of the best documentaries of 2020. Demands to be seen. 

monsoon movie.jpg


In Monsoon we finally get to see Golding unleash his complete acting potential with a performance of devastatingly honest performance in a film that is a little pedestrian at times.

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