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the lion king (2019)

Visually impressive and a technical milestone and there's a great time to be had here, but it doesn't quite pack the emotional punch you may be expecting. 

hobbs and shaw.jpg

fast & furious: hobbs and shaw

A big, loud, packed with punch action flick, Hobbs and Shaw will leave you thoroughly entertained.  

palm beach.jpg

palm beach

A good-hearted exploration of lifetime friendship, Palm Beach is a lovely take on what it means and what it takes to have such a bond between old friends. 



2040 is a tremendous film filled with humanity and a hope filled vision for the future of humanity and the planet.


detectorists complete series

One of the best TV shows in recent memory. Find it. And consume every second. 

good omens.jpg

good omens

Bizarre, bonkers, but highly entertaining with standout performances from David Tennant and Michael Sheen Good Omens is a TV show not to miss.


delicious series 1 - 3

With enough drama and food to shake a stick at, Delicious is delightfully entertaining with great performances from French and Fox.

danger 5.jpg

danger 5 complete collection

Bonkers, hilarious, and action packed Danger 5 is the kinda TV you need in your life.

remmington steele.jpg

remmington steel

Although showing its age a little, Remington Steele is still as entertaining as ever.



A quirky storyline brought down to earth with comedy and unbeatable tunes by The Beatles, Yesterday is a whole lotta light-hearted fun.



Packed to the gunnels with action and will have you weeping with laughter, Stuber is a fun, action packed night out.



Hilarious, affecting and very clever, Booksmart is an absolute must see.


the keeper

A moving and at times funny tale of an extraordinary man, The Keeper is a film for both football fans and complete novices to the game.



Crawl is everything you want from a summer creature feature; heart pounding, edge of your seat perching, adrenaline pumping, nail biting from beginning to end. 



His biggest titles were ground-breaking and now his biopic deserves some spotlight too. Hobbit fans should make sure they go back to the beginning with Tolkien.

ace ventura.jpg

ace ventura: pet detective

Certain aspects of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective wouldn't fly now, but its still a zany, crazy adventure worth taking. 

ace ventura 2.jpg

ace ventura: when nature calls

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls is a gross, comedic farce that, even as an adult, you can't help laughing at. 

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