long s.jpg

long shot

Long Shot is a great, easy going political rom com that will have you uncontrollably laughing out loud throughout.   


the chaperone

A pleasant, enjoyable but nonetheless forgetful tale, fans of Downton Abbey will thoroughly enjoy The Chaperone.   


alita: battle angel

 A fun filled, action stacked, adrenaline pumping, gorgeous looking film. Make sure you see it on the biggest screen possible. 


alita: battle angel

 A fun filled, action stacked, adrenaline pumping, gorgeous looking film. Make sure you see it on the biggest screen possible. 



Takes a while to take flight and doesn't quite pack the expected emotional punch, but Dumbo is still a pretty fun ride.

fighting with my family.jpg

fighting with my family

Fighting with My Family is the feel good, gut busting hilarious film of the year. 



I hope Daffodils marks another new age in NZ film making and I hope Kiwis give it a chance against the blockbusters - because it truly can hold its own.

pet sematary.jpg

pet sematary

Pet Sematary will thrill audiences in a way that might be a little familiar but still entertaining all the same.

wonder park.jpg

wonder park

Check out our kid's review of Wonder Park.



Destroyer is a dark tale that will flick you back and forth as you unravel the mystery.

price of everything.jpg

the price of everything

The tussle between artist and the big bucks of the collectors is beautifully captured in The Price of Everything

perry mason.jpg

perry mason

A classic TV series anchored by a commanding performance by the one and only Raymond Burr.

bletchley circle.jpg

the bletchley circle: san francisco

lion king.jpg

the lion king

Not quite as impressive as its predecessor, The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco feels more like a painting by numbers murder mystery.



One of Disney's best live action remakes, Cinderella will transport you to a world of magic.


dances with wolves

A bonafide classic that takes its time with the material that gives us a Hollywood epic of yesteryear.



Peele brings his A-game to Us, something fresh, original and more than a little thrilling.


king of thieves

The tone of the film constantly changes which can be jarring, but the cast more than make up for it making King of Thieves an enjoyable ride.

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