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An intriguing concept let down by a convoluted narrative and too many plot holes.

hummingbird project.jpg

the hummingbird project

Although it has a slightly strange third act, The Hummingbird Project has a stellar cast with a career best performance from an almost unrecognisable Alexander Skarsgrad. 



Prepare yourself. Rocketman is unlike any musical bio pic you've seen. It takes big, bold, brilliant risks which they pretty much always pull off. 

the hustle.jpg

the hustle

Just when you think this is another predictable flick, The Hustle becomes a pleasant surprise. Let the fun unfold with this comedic treat!

red joan.jpeg

red joan

More drama than spy thriller, Red Joan is a good little film with a standout lead performance from Sophie Cookson.


the extraordinary journey of the fakir

Prepare yourself for an unlikely adventure with The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir.

miss bala.jpg

miss bala

Enjoyable, but maybe not as meaty as it could have been. 

cobra kai.jpg

cobra kai season 1

Although its not as slick as other TV productions out there, Cobra Kai is a great show of redemption against the odds.  


avengers: endgame

Avengers: Endgame is a cinematic masterpiece that more than rewards its fans.

the aftermath.jpg

the aftermath

The Aftermath is a fascinating new slant on a WWII film with a formidable cast that cannot be missed.

top end wedding.jpg

top end wedding

I hope people across Australia are rejoicing in this heartfelt film that not only shows the country's jaw-droppingly-spectacular landscapes, but the magnificent people who inhabit it.

eiger sanction.jpg

the eiger sanction

For an espionage film, The Eiger Sanction moves very slowly indeed.


iron man 4kuhd collection

Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Iron Man 3 have all been re-released on 4KUHD. We review them here! 


thor 4kuhd collection

Thor and Thor: Dark World have all been re-released on 4KUHD. We review them here! 

howls moving castle.jpg

howls moving castle (15 years)

Howl's Moving Castle is a wonder to behold.  


Inuyasha complete adventures

Even though Inuyasha is a stereotypical, Japanese fantasy its story draws you deep into its lore and is very entertaining.

andre the giant.jpg

andre the giant

An amazing insight into the life of not only an incredible wrestler but a man that greatly impacted Western culture.



Transit is an affecting film that demands to be seen.

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