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captain marvel.jpg

captain marvel

Spends a little too much time on Captain Marvel's backstory without really getting to know what drives her, but ultimately ticks all the necessary superhero boxes.

if beale street could talk.jpg

if beale street could talk

If Beale Street Could Talk is a must see, a rewarding and somewhat heartwarming film that has been beautifully constructed.

hotel mumbai.jpg

hotel mumbai

An assault on the senses from the beginning, Hotel Mumbai is a white knuckle ride that deserves to be watched on the biggest screen possible.


escape room

Escape Room isn’t too clever, but it is creative in taking a popular trend and making it scary.



One of the best political bio pics in recent memory with inventive story telling and a titan performance from a very unrecognisable Christian Bale. 

basis of sex.jpg

on the basis of sex

A wonderful legal drama film, a great watch for anyone who is interested in legal history, Ruth Bader Ginsburg or the feminist movement.

what men.jpg

what men want

What Men Want is a quirky cocktail of comedy, girl power and the mystery of the male mind - a sure-fire winner for girls' nights and date nights alike.

happy death.jpg

happy death day 2u

Happy Death Day 2U is a fun film to have a quick thrill and giggle at.

green book.jpg

green book

With wondrous performances from Mortensen and Ali, a terrific story filled with belly laughs and sobering moments, and a much needed message, Green Book is the first must watch movie of 2019.

front runner.jpg

THE frontrunner

With a longer than needed run time and an underwritten protagonist, The Front Runner's saving grace is leading man Hugh Jackman. 



Colette is a perfectly serviceable and enjoyable bio film but it never quite astounds as it should. 


the upside

Brilliant performances from Cranston and Hart save The Upside from its rushed third act making it a truly delightful surprise. 

cold pursuit.jpg

cold pursuit

Cold Pursuit is a solid action film where revenge is dished up in the most brutal and inventive ways. 

hate u give.jpg

the hate u give

Don't let The Hate U Give silently slip by your screen, make it a must-watch AND a must-discuss as soon as you can.


storm boy

Storm Boy targets a grey area of audience. It feels very much like the kind of movies I watched in the late 90's as a kid.

welcome to marwen.jpg

welcome to marwen

​A heartwarming story of the triumph of the human spirit, which is slightly let down by the narrative execution.

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