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the wife

Glenn Close is stunning in this titular role; she is a sophisticated force to be reckoned with. As Joe says “she doesn’t write, thank god” but boy can she act.

mamma mia: here we go again

While a touch cringey in parts, it's easy to get immersed in the sweet story and music to match.



Whitney is a tragic tale, but for both die-hard fans to those who just know a few songs it is a very good watch.

the equalizer 2

The pace is a little patchy and you can see the baddie coming from a mile away, but the saving grace of The Equalizer 2 is the intimacy of the story and Denzel Washington. 


The Rock punches some people. He jumps off some things.And its a beautiful sight. 

ant-man and the wasp

Not quite as memorable as other Marvel outings but Ant-Man and the Wasp  is still a fun, happy-go-lucky film you oughta see. 

ideal home

Ideal Home has everything - a winning cast, a compelling story, and laugh out loud moments to boot. 

mary shelley

Like a frightening foreword for Frankenstein, Mary Shelley is a heart-breaking backstory that plods along in some parts and poses a few unanswered questions in others.

the incredibles 2

After 14 years of waiting (yip, it's been 14 years!) The Incredibles have returned for a nostalgic, empowering, family-focused adventure that will have you bringing out those red tights I know you have stashed away.

sicario: day of the soldado

Plenty of action and great performances from Del Toro and Brolin but with a plot thats a bit over the place and hard to follow at times.


​Even though its a terrific story it doesn't hold up as a feature length film despite the great performances from Woodley and Claflin. 

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