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ladies in black

A joyous nostalgic delight that will enthral you from start to finish and a wonderful love letter to the city of Sydney. Grab Mum, Nana, and the aunties and have a night out watching Ladies in Black. Its utterly charming. 



A charming and unique experience, Mirai is a must see.


the predator

Despite a slightly messy third act, The Predator is exactly what you want in a big summer blockbuster: an entertaining ride, bloody action, and some belly laughs. 


a simple favor

A Simple Favour will keep you guessing and fully engrossed right from the start until the end credits.



Although its inventive with a strong and convincing performance from its lead John Cho, Searching feels a little long and slow.


the nun

Whoever thought Catholicism could be scary? With enough thrills to keep you entertained, it’s a great watch with someone’s hand to hold.  


mckellen: playing the part

A tender, funny, and at times heartbreaking exploration of the life, career, and loves of a wonderful actor and human rights campaigner. 


crazy rich asians

Crazy Rich Asians is not only a game changer when it comes to diversity, but its fresh, funny, at times heart-string-pulling, and completely engaging. One of the must watch films of the year. 

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mile 22

Filled with action but with a messy plot, Mile 22 isn't Wahlberg's best action outing.


on chesil beach

A film that has you pondering the pressure of physical intimacy and whether love and lasting relationships can exist outside of it. Beautiful on so many levels - a must see!



As well as preserving history, Spitfire is a cracking documentary that explores one of the most iconic planes of the 21st century from its initial design to the strategic part it played in the Battle of Britain.

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