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the high note.jpg

the high note

While an easy-going new entry to the cinema-scape, The High Note does miss a few beats along the way. Comfy, but not cutting-edge, it's a fun way to spend a winter's evening out.

trolls world tour.jpg

trolls: world tour

It might seem that the film is a little heavy or dark, but it is zanny, bright and fun. There are catchy tunes and incredible visual effects all throughout to keep everyone entertained. Trolls: World Tour is sure to be a hit these school holidays.



With a superb fantastical adventure that hits you right in the feels, Pixar delivers pure movie magic. Onward is a masterpiece.  


the wretched

The Wretched is a compelling and effectively creepy movie; just one that won’t keep you awake at night - which sometimes with horror films, may just be a good thing.

the booksellers.jpg

the booksellers

The Booksellers is a beautiful, nostalgic journey into the wonderful world of the humble book.

trip to greece.jpg

the trip to greece

Four times the charm? You betcha! Come and hang out with Coogan and Brydon as they take you on their odyssey around Greece with all the banter, food, and glorious vistas that you can shake a stick at.

love sarah.jpg

love sarah

Sweeter than a cherry pie, Love Sarah is that light dessert you've been craving. A tasty take-home for the family.



While not wholly original, Monos takes us on the slow and descent into the deepest depravity of humanity with an outstanding ensemble cast and breathtaking cinematography and score. 

the assistant.jpg

the assistant

The Assistant helps you see the knots in the entertainment industry, and really puts a forlorn face on the victims of it. A truly sad and compelling watch.



Resistance is a powerful true tale of the heroic acts of mime Marcel Marceau and a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit.



A handcrafted work of art, Mark Jenkin is a new director worth following as Bait is an interesting and compelling narrative filled with beautiful film craft. 



With a superb fantastical adventure that hits you right in the feels, Pixar delivers pure movie magic. Onward is a masterpiece.  

spaceship earth.jpg

spaceship earth

Even though it doesn’t delve too deep, Spaceship Earth is nonetheless a fascinating tale of the human experience in all its hopeful wonder and failings, and a cautious reminder of the frailty of our own world’s ecosystem.


miss fisher and the crypt of tear

Although it's an entertaining and glamorous romp around the world and back again, Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears is one for the fans. 

queen and slim.jpg

queen & slim

Thundering performances and a searing critique of the unjust societal structures don’t quite make up for a film that at times feels somewhat drawn out.

les miserables.jpg

les miserables

If you're ready for some realness and cool to get uncomfortable, Les Misérables is a wonderfully revealing watch. It draws you in deeply and breaks your heart every other minute - a truly provoking 2019 response to the Victor Hugo classic.


nt live's fleabag

As wonderfully poignant and eye widening in equal measure, National Theatre Live’s Fleabag is as extraordinary as the TV series as Waller-Smith commands the stage.


the way back

The Way Back is one of those rare films that even though highly entertaining, is bigger than just being a movie. Hopefully this film will get guys talking about their ‘stuff’. Affleck knocks it out of the park in one of 2020’s best films yet. 


red shoes and the seven dwarfs.jpg

red shoes and the seven dwarfs

A fun filled, animated fairy tale ride, Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs will transport you and your children on an entertaining tale of wonder.

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