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toy story 4.jpg

toy story 4

Check out what Zoe (9) thought of Toy Story 4 !


asterix: the secret of the magic potion

A fun afternoon out with some really crack up moments, bold animation, and some good old Asterix and Obelix nostalgia thrown in for good measure. 

secret life of pets 2.jpg

the secret life of pets 2

Check out what Braxton (5) and Ethan (3) thought of The Secret Life of Pets 2.

men in black international.jpg

mib: international

Doesn't quite capture the chemistry of Hemsworth and Thompson's previous outing, but MIB: International still makes for a good night in

sometimes always never.jpg

sometimes always never

Anchored by an award worthy performance from Bill Nighy Sometimes Always Never is a poignant and darkly humorous tale of loss and reconciliation. 

xmen dark phoenix.jpg

x-men: dark phoenix

An entertaining yet kinda forgettable ride, X-Men: Dark Phoenix doesn't quite go out with the bang the franchise deserves. 



With sparkle and magic in all the right places, Aladdin is visual confectionery and gorgeous nostalgia all wrapped up in another gem for Disney.

john wick 3.jpg

john wick 3: parabellum

Bold, brash, bloody brilliant. John Wick is back with the best action film of 2019.



Cheat is an enthralling physiological thriller helmed by two fantastic lead performances.

wild rose.jpg

wild rose

Dreams can be big, life can seem bigger. Wild Rose is a Scottish flick to send your heart soaring.


detectorists series 3

Detectorists Series 3 still has all the magic of the first two series while moving the characters forward into intriguing places. 


timeless season one

Timeless Season One is an action packed, filled with twists, time travelling show that begs to be watched.



Very little to find appealing in this mess.

dont look now.jpg

don't look now

A poignant yet terrifying exploration of grief and even though it was made many years ago Don’t Look Away asks questions that need answering even today.   

apocalypse now.jpg
apocalypse now.jpg

apocalypse now

A classic in every sense of the word you should head out and grab a copy of Apocalypse Now. Right now.

hollow crown.jpg

the hollow crown collection

For any lover of Shakespeare, The Hollow Crown Ultimate Collection is everything they could possibly want and more. 

danger 5.jpg

danger 5 complete collection

Bonkers, hilarious, and action packed Danger 5 is the kinda TV you need in your life.

ace ventura.jpg

ace ventura: pet detective

Certain aspects of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective wouldn't fly now, but its still a zany, crazy adventure worth taking. 

evil dead 2.jpg

evil dead 2

One of the craziest horror comedies of all time, Evil Dead II is a hands down cult classic of the highest order. 

best of enemies.jpg

the best of enemies

The Best of Enemies is a testament to the power of kindness, compassion, and love to change the most hardened of hearts.

ace ventura 2.jpg

ace ventura: when nature calls

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls is a gross, comedic farce that, even as an adult, you can't help laughing at. 



The role that Peter Falk was known for, Columbo although a little dated is still extremely entertaining and engaging.

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