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rise of skywalker.jpg

star wars: the rise of skywalker

While it’s a beautiful looking movie with some great gut punching moments, J. J. Abrams had too much narratively to deal with leading the film and the Star Wars saga towards a rushed conclusion.   

knives out.jpg

knives out

If you like big, ensemble casts watch Knives Out. If you like whodunit mysteries watch Knives Out. If you just want to be entertained drop everything and go see Knives Out. You will be very entertained indeed.

addams family.jpg

the addams family

While a tad underwhelming, The Addams Family is still a ghoulish family film that is a good 'entry level' kid's film into the weird and wonderful world of the Addams family. 

good liar.jpg

the good liar

Worth the price of a ticket alone to see the magnificent Mirren and McKellan at play but The Good Liar is a film that can't quite decide if it's a thriller or a domestic drama.

biggest little farm.jpg

the biggest little farm

Inspiring and gorgeous to look at, The Biggest Little Farm will inspire you to quit your city job and head for the green pastures of the countryside. 

frozen II.jpg

frozen ii

A true spectacle, massive music, and OLAF - Frozen II won't disappoint.

ready or not.jpg

ready or not

Fantastically fun with thrills, Ready or Not proves itself to be a standout horror flick.

fishermans friends.jpg

fisherman's friends

Sea shanties, belting British humour, and a journey of discovery filled to the brim with heart and passion make Fisherman’s Friends the most heart warming film of the year.



Although it stumbles at times, Farming is a true story that's gritty, arresting, brutal but hope filled story.

ford v ferrari.jpg

ford v ferrari

The most crowd pleasing motor racing film since The World’s Fastest Indian, Ford V Ferrari is one of this year’s best with edge of your seat, heart thundering out of your mouth car racing anchored by magnificent performances from Damon and Bale.

ailos journey.jpg

ailo's journey

Visually breathtaking with a thoroughly entertaining tale, Ailo’s Journey is an adventure you must take.

charlies angels.jpg

charlie's angels

Unfortunately Charlie’s Angels falls slightly flat, but Naomi Scott shows us that Aladdin wasn’t a fluke and completely steals the show.

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